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Christian Espino
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Gerardo Martinez
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Christian Arturo Espino Lopez,
Gerardo Jose Manuel Castro Martinez

Research projects:

  • Christian Espino: “Co-digestion of dairy manure and algal biomass for biogas production”

    The objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of co-digestion of dairy manure (DM) and algal biomass (AB) in varying combinations and study the stimulatory effects of algae and addition of pyrolized pine char on methane production. Five different mixtures of dairy manure and algae biomass (100% DM, 75% DM + 25% AB, 50% DM + 50% AB, 25% DM + 75% AB and 100% AB) were used for the study and the experiments were carried out in 2 L batch reactors. An active anaerobic inoculum prepared using DM with rumen fluid was used as inoculum (20% W/V) for all the treatments. Addition of 2.5 and 5% (W/V) of granular pyrolized pine char were used as a stimulant for all combinations of dairy manure and algae. Total Biogas production was 14.7 L, 13.4 L and 8 L for the reactors added with 2.5 and 5% char and inoculum without char in the treatments containing 75% DM + 25% AB, respectively, whereas the control showed only 2.9 L. Maximum methane concentration observed was 81.15%, 76.72% and 67.71% for the reactors added with 5 and 2.5 % char and inoculum without char, respectively, in the treatments containing 75% DM + 25% AB, whereas the control treatments showed a maximum methane concentration of 7.85% only. Addition of 2.5% char showed 83.75% increase in total biogas production in comparison with the treatment without char addition. Enhancing biogas production with addition of 2.5% granular pine char is an innovative approach for biomethane production using livestock and biomass wastes.

  • Gerardo Martinez: “Anaerobic co-digestion of dairy manure and poultry litter for biomethane production”

    The main objective of this project is to study the effects of addition of biochar to enhance methane production from Poultry litter (PL) and Dairy manure (DM). A study was performed in batch reactors of 2 L capacity with a working volume of 30%. Experiments were conducted for a period of 80 days at a constant temperature of 27oC. Different ratios of poultry litter and dairy manure viz. 100% poultry litter (PL), 75% (PL) + 25% Dairy Manure (DM), 50% (PL) + 50% (DM), 25% (PL) + 75% ( DM) and 100% (DM) were used in the study. All the reactors were inoculated with inoculum enriched in PL at 10% level and were amended with addition of charcoal at 2.5 and 5% concentrations. Methane production in treatments having 100% Dairy Manure was better with 2.5% of char. However, in 100% poultry litter, 5% char recorded highest methane production. But the difference was not significant between 2.5% and 5% char in 100% poultry litter as substrate.  Treatments with 2.5% char addition showed 471% more methane production than the control in 100% Dairy manure treatment. It is evident that the impact of the char addition is better in dairy manure as substrate.

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