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Designed and fabricated by Louis Fortner, Manager, UGA Instrument Shop, and UGA Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program team members. Operation began December 2008.

charmaker left charmaker right
View of the left side View of the right side


  • Biochar production in large quantities for research inititatives
  • Drying large quantities of biomass
  • Steam reforming char
  • Capacity of 1000 lb/day of biomass with approximately 30% yield (i.e. wood)
  • Coupled with an afterburner to combust volatile vapors
  • Highly precise temperature controls (+/- 5°C) up to 900°C
charmaker 2 charmaker inside
View of Charmaker with doors open Upclose View of interior


charmaker corn stover charmaker product
Corn stover prepared for the Charmaker Resulting product